Our Skills:

  • Evolution
    Industrial Control Engineering is continually mastering new tools and applying them to new processes. If the skill requirements for your current application are not listed here, ICEL staff may already be gaining expertise in this area. Contact us to find out.

  • Automation Investigation
    • Concept studies
    • Feasibility studies

  • Design
    • Machine control / automation design
    • Process control / automation design

  • Technical Skills
    • User interface / HMI
      • Wonderware InTouch FactorySuite
      • Citect SCADA
      • Windows CE panels
      • Siemens display panels
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
      • Siemens PLCs - configuration, programming and maintenance
        • S7 PLC series
        • S5 support
      • EPEC mobile control systems
        • Ruggedised
        • CAN bus
        • Off road machinery
    • Embedded control
      • Microprocessor hardware/software design
      • Variety of microprocessors...
      • Custom circuit design build & test
    • Networking protocols
      • Profibus
      • AS-Interface (AS-i)
      • CAN bus
    • Database development
      • MS SQL server
      • MS Access
      • MySQL
      • dBase
      • Paradox
  • Industry specific
    • Agricultural equipment
    • Grain handling
    • Hydro power
    • Oil & gas
    • Transport
    • Waste water treatment

Automation Engineers

CAN bus

CoDeSys programming

Control System Engineers

Concept analysis

Electronic control circuit design

Embedded microprocessor systems

Feasibility analysis

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

HMI configuration

Live database technology

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

PLC configuration

PLC programming

SCADA configuration

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition

System Integrators

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