Example Projects

Here are just a few of the projects Industrial Control Engineering Ltd has participated in. ICEL can bring a wealth of automation experience to your project.

Grain Handling, Blending, Dressing, and Drying

ICEL has extensive experience in the control of grain handling sytems used in malt and animal feed production.... More »

Computer based control of grain handling

Environmental Control for Malt Production

The germination of barley for the production of malt is a natural process but it requires close control of temperature and moisture through all stages to achieve a high quality malt.... More »

Malting plant

Automated Batching/Blending plant

ICEL has used PLCs and computers to automate the batch production of oil, paint and animal feed products in New Zealand... More »

Oil blending plant

Irrigator Control

The Spitfire irrigator uses an ICEL developed microprocessor based controller to control and maintain the correct application depth as the irrigator moves itself across the field. ... More »

Spitfire Intelligent Irrigator

Farm Dairy Effluent System

The Spitfire deferred irrigation farm dairy effluent management system uses controllers developed by ICEL to manage the transfer pumps, pond mixing and the effluent spreading pumps.... More »

Farm Dairy Effluent System

Database for Remote Storage/Distribution Facility

ICEL provided a complete database solution for a grain purchase, storage & distribution facility then linked..... More »

Database form

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

ICEL designed the message routing strategies, the portable electronics, local radio link and communications system interface... More »

Co Buddy product range

Hybrid Turbo/Electric Vehicle Control

ICEL has supplied the intelligent central control system for Designline's hybrid electric buses. ... More »

Hybrid electric bus

Alarm Callout System

ICEL designed and commissioned an alarm callout system to summon the duty operator to an unattended factory. ... More »

Callout alarm

Crossband Mode Controller

ICEL's low power custom-built controller is used to link mobile radios in patrol vehicles. ... More »

Low-power automotive controller

Hydro Power Station Intake Screen Cleaning

ICEL supplied the PLC based control for the cleaners that automatically clean the weed and debris from intake screens of a hydro power station. ... More »

Atiamuri screen cleaner

Air make up control systems

ICEL has designed the control system for air handling equipment to supply air into laboratories using a large number of fume cupboards where the fresh air demand can change rapidly. ... More »

Laboratory fume cupboards

Fume Cupboard Control

The Thermoplastic Engineering variable air-flow fume cupboards use an ICEL developed controller that adjusts the cupboard fan speed to match the door opening. ... More »

Laboratory fume cupboard
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