Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Co Buddy product range

ICEL and Remote Safe Ltd. jointly planned and designed the Co Buddy product range. This combines short and long-range radio communication to inform a monitoring centre of the exact location of workers who have either fallen or are in need of assistance.

ICEL designed the electronics and wrote the software for most components of the Co Buddy range.

»Grain Handling, Blending, Dressing, and Drying

»Environmental Control for Malt Production

»Automated Batching/Blending plant

»Irrigator Control

»Farm Dairy Effluent System

»Database for Remote Storage/Distribution Facility

»Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

»Hybrid Turbo/Electric Vehicle Control

»Alarm Callout System

»Crossband Mode Controller

»Hydro Power Station Intake Screen Cleaning

»Air make up control systems

»Fume Cupboard Control

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