Automated Batching/Blending plant

Oil blending plant

ICEL has been responsible for the control of a number of batching/blending processes where the ingredients are weighed or metered into a vessel and mixed to produce the final product. Systems completed include oil blending, grain blending, and animal feed production.

The PLC is connected to the batching plant and measuring systems. The computer system provides the operator interface for plant status and alarms and recipe storage for the products.

»Grain Handling, Blending, Dressing, and Drying

»Environmental Control for Malt Production

»Automated Batching/Blending plant

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»Farm Dairy Effluent System

»Database for Remote Storage/Distribution Facility

»Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

»Hybrid Turbo/Electric Vehicle Control

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»Crossband Mode Controller

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»Air make up control systems

»Fume Cupboard Control

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