Grain Handling, Blending, Dressing, and Drying

Computer based control of grain handling

ICEL is responsible for the design and implementation of the control systems used in malt and animal feed production facilities including grain intake, drying, transfers, dressing, blending and load out.

The sites are normally very extensive and the plant is connected to a distributed PLC system for control and monitoring of the plant. Computer based man-machine interface systems are used to provide an easy to use operator interface for both local and remote control of the systems. The computer also provides the alarm history and records the grain movements.

»Grain Handling, Blending, Dressing, and Drying

»Environmental Control for Malt Production

»Automated Batching/Blending plant

»Irrigator Control

»Farm Dairy Effluent System

»Database for Remote Storage/Distribution Facility

»Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

»Hybrid Turbo/Electric Vehicle Control

»Alarm Callout System

»Crossband Mode Controller

»Hydro Power Station Intake Screen Cleaning

»Air make up control systems

»Fume Cupboard Control

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